is one of Ontario’s leading supplier in Display Board products.


Be in production or services, our commitment towards quality is reflected. Our products are certified under ISO: 9001:2008 from India. Proper quality control measures are taken to ensure that quality is maintained at every step of production process.

The segments in which products required are Educational industries, Corporate Bodies, Hospitals, Hotel, Medical, Dairy, Cinema Halls, Religious Public Places, Petrol Pumps etc.


Etobicoke IT Networks Inc. has several years of experience in LED display sign manufacture. We are also a global wholesaler of outdoor and indoor LED display signs. We specialize in manufacturing, marketing and installing LED displays signs. Our products are widely used at home and for commercial applications. As an example, LED lights are used for LED message displays and video displays for football stadiums and banks, they are used for major advertising campaigns, and they are used as signs for schools, shops and malls to highlight products and services.

At present, most of the customers we serve are in Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto in Ontario. It is our honor to provide the highest quality LED display products to you. We will ship the products to you, wherever you are in the world. We have flexible payment methods and we guarantee a safe transaction.